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Pune, India


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My task was to design some creative Instagram stories for the electric vehicle brand, "Evtric Motors". These stories were to be used as advertisements. I gave the client a quotation and two samples.


Sample1: The client needed to see samples of work to understand how the designs will look like. I used the brand, "Vespa" to show how the final expected result.


Sample 2: I used the darkest and a medium red from the vehicle itself to create a gradient background to show depth. I designed some creative graphics around it to sell the brand.


1. I used the color of the vehicle itself as a gradient background which gave a dramatic effect. The graphic symbolizes an infinite road on which the vehicle named "Ride" could ride a long distance.


Finally, the message states that the customer need not wait for someone's birthday to gift an Evtric Ride. The client asked for such a message, specifically.


3. A very unique design where I used an image of a masked man to indicate that the need for masks is eliminated by the usage of electric vehicles.


2. I used a clean background, on which I displayed waves emitting from the vehicle. These waves remove the pollution because of the fact that the vehicle is electric. I used some of the brand's colors in this one.

The client thought this one was basic. Even I felt the same. So, I created the next one unique, young and modern.


4. Lastly, I used the brand's iconic colors as a background gradient to give depth and a high contrasting brand color for the graphics. The message indicates that the world revolves around the vehicle named "Axis".

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