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A whale in Italian means "La Balena". Ballet originated in Italy where "ballare" means to dance. We all have watched whales dance, but it is a rare occasion to see it wearing ballet shoes while doing so!

After creating Oreon, which was a product of Umbreon and Orca, I decided to give this dancing Humpback the essence of Umbreon, so it emits a yellow light when it dances to give a special effect.

Credits: Photograph reference: IG @edgar_pacific_photography

Inspiration: The Pokémon named Umbreon.

Humpback Ballerina

€ 999,00Price
  • A mixed media of watercolor and graphite sketch painting on high quality A3 Ecological Recycled Fabriano paper, 120 gsm using Faber Castell 9000 Art & Staedtler Luna Aquarelle pencils. Frame included.

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