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This art represents my introversion. An "Art Assassin" from the "Artistic Creed". The motto being, "We paint in the shadows, the beauty of light". We fight in solitude, using the instruments of ART in our battles.

My personality is an INFP, meaning, Introverted iNtuitive Feeling Perceiving. Introverted symbolizes the solitude of an assassin, working in the shadows. The iNtuitive nature allows to have a powerful 6th sense about predicting, calculating everything that may happen around me. "Feeling" amplifies the effects of all the emotions. Perceiving everything around me can be called the "Eagle Vision", which allows to see things missed by naked eye, visualizes the world with colorful glasses.

It's not like an introvert doesn't like people. They would love to be social, but it just doesn't feel good. People just disappoint. Introverts cannot accept fake people, facades, dramas and games. They just want real authentic people they can be themselves with. And since they're the only person they can feel themselves with, they don't bother seeking other people. It's a shame that can only be with themselves, even in a nation with 2nd largest population in the world.

To a beautiful flower, there's an ugly thorn. Similarly, by creating something beautiful, one grows thorns inside, involuntarily. From the sorrow, pain, miser, depression, a warrior is born to fight the battles, with instruments of color and color the world, from the blood within.


€ 708,00Price
  • A mixed media of watercolor and graphite sketch painting on high quality paper (Fabriano 4 Liscio Smooth Lisse, 220 gsm, 48*33 cm) using Faber Castell 9000 Art & Staedtler Luna Aquarelle pencils. Frame included.

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