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Mixing Yoga with Sensuality. Call it Nude Yoga or Sensual Yoga makes no difference, but Yoga does feel best when done in a natural way. This pose is called the "Bhujangasana Pada Dhanurasana". The English name would be, "Cobra Bow Pose Legs". This pose is an intermediate from the Half Cobra pose to the Bow pose. It can also be called the Full Cobra if the feet touch the head.

Photograph reference IG @belovodchenko_anton
The beautiful model in the art IG @alexasha_from_prostokvasha

Sensuality 14

€ 388,00Price
  • A graphite sketch painting on high quality paper (Fabriano 4 Liscio Smooth Lisse, 220 gsm, 48*33 cm, made in Italy) using Faber Castell 9000 Art pencils. Frame included.

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