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About me


My name is Pratyush but I go by many names, Prat, PratDesigns and my personality type is INFP.


A UFO once dropped a paintbrush and a pencil in my hands when I was a baby and I have never stopped using them. It is difficult for me to be a part of people and I express those intense emotions in my ART. All I can say about me is that I was born to draw! I began by sketching cartoons, comics and then cars which led me to pursue Transportation Design at IED Istituto Europeo di Design in Turin, Italy.


The pandemic pulled out the artist in me like a phoenix reborn from flames and my time in Italy provided me the foundation of raising my ART to the next level. I experimented with watercolor, acrylic paints on paper, and then canvas and then went back to pen and pencil on paper and finally, digital.

I love animals a lot and I want to do something for them. My ART funds various non-profit organizations, who save the homes of animals. If you buy my ART, 50% of the amount goes for the animals. I wish to own a husky one day from the rest of the earnings.

Feel free to contact me for Custom ART!

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