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Made on the World Orca Day 2022!

One of the evolution of the Pokémon Eevee is Umbreon. Like other evolutions, this one is incredibly beautiful with a high black and yellow contrast. I was watching a few Orcas and I thought to myself, how beautiful would this creature look (not that it doesn't look beautiful) with high contrast yellow. I call this new creation, "Oreon".

Oreon would be able to send signals through the yellow light underneath the ocean to its pack. It could attract prey towards itself and hypnotize it with the light. Indeed, it looks divine.


Credits: Photograph reference: IG @raphael_studer_photography
Inspiration: The Pokémon named Umbreon.


€ 999,00Price
  • A watercolor painting on high quality Watercolor Fabriano paper, 300 gsm, 30*40 cm using Staedtler Luna Aquarelle pencils. Frame included.

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